9/11 Two Years Later

The second anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks has passed.

Yesterday, people around the world took notice that the Earth has traveled twice around the Sun, since the day that the twin towers fell, and the pentagon was attacked, and thousands of innocent people died.

We also took note, collectively, several days previous when the planet Mars came relatively close, closer to Earth than it has been in thousands of years.

The ancients associated Mars with war. Maybe in some strange way, Mars still affects the consciousness of humankind to this effect. The way things have been going lately, it would certainly seem plausible.

The “9/11” attacks, as they have come to be known, created a gut-wrenching feeling inside me when they occurred. Even though I felt relatively safe here in the Los Angeles area, I felt as if it was my own town that had been attacked. It seemed I was not alone. People around the entire planet Earth expressed shock and horror, and solidarity with the victims. The Red Cross and other blood donation centers encountered a wave of humanity, rushing to try to help in any way possible.

The immediate reaction to the attacks came from the genuine heart of all the citizens of Earth. It came in the form of people asking themselves, “How can I help?” This inquiry transcended all arbitrary categories that we impose upon ourselves, such as nationality, religion, or political beliefs. For a brief moment, the inhabitants of Earth came together, in a way that it never had before, and never has since. It was the perfect example of an absolute tragedy being transformed into a pure expression of compassion.

Sadly, the opportunity for epiphany faded before it was fully realized. These days, 9/11 is a political wildcard, wielding for those who play it the controlling power of Fear, and permitting violence as a means to an end. Mars looms large, but its power is an illusion. Earth continues to travel through space, in endless circles around the Sun, with all of us surviving inside its fragile biosphere. It is high time that we discover that we breathe the same air, drink the same water, and yearn for the same truths.

It is still not too late for us all to come together in our common humanity, and stand up for what is good and true and beautiful. I know that this is possible, because I saw it happen on this planet 2 years ago. We just have to do it without a terrible tragedy which triggers our true nature of love, sharing and compassion.

Humanity must conquer its three greatest enemies: Fear, Ignorance, and unconsciousness. I believe this process is inevitable, because deep down, we all want the same two things: To love, and to be loved.

Let’s learn to harness the power of Love. Let’s let our humanity shine through, as it never has before. If we do, the problems which haunt this planet such as war, poverty, and terror, will quickly evaporate into the void from whence they came.



September 12, 2003

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