In a time of great crisis, some things we can all do.

We CAN come together in this time of great crisis. There are some things we can ALL do, regardless of our position regarding the situation. Like it or not, war is upon us all. The LAST thing this country needs is another civil war.

I created this list to show that despite our opposing opinions, there IS a common ground on which we are all united. Let that ground be a starting point for us all, even if after all is said and done, we may still agree to disagree.

Here are 17 things we can all do, although I'm sure there are many more:

Donate blood at a local Red Cross

Write letters of condolence to the families of soldiers killed, wounded or captured

Let our loved ones know that we still love them

Pray and/or Meditate

Study carefully the events that led up to the current war, including past wars and the results that they created

Give some money or food to a homeless person

Take public transportation more often

Ask more questions

Call radio talk shows and express your observations and insights

Use multiple sources for information, especially foreign press

Attend a peace vigil, anti-war protest, or anti-anti-war (pro USA) rally

Light a candle, ring a bell, and/or read a book

Call or write to your congress-person, letting them know how you feel and what you think should be done differently

Think critically, speak distinctly, and listen carefully, especially to opposing points of view

Acknowledge those who disagree with you as individuals, not as members of some group

Take a day off of work if you can. Spend the day alone at a park or somewhere out in nature

Start a journal. In it, write about not only what is happening, but what you intend to do about it


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