He pissed in his pants

when he heard the bad news.

He would remain alone.

There was no one to choose.

Suddenly he was angry

-such an angry young man.

He decided to lash out

-to reject God's own plan.

He abandonded his habits.

He burned his last bridge.

He ran away from home

-drove his car off a ridge.

They found him not breathing

-with his dick in his hand.

They revived him from death

-pulled his car from the sand.

They wisked him away

to his own hospital bed.

They all thanked the heavens

that he was not dead.

They cried and they tried

but could not understand:

How could a man of his stature

have his dick in his hand?

"Angry" was written by Don Hodges on March 10, 1997.

(C)opyright 1997 by Don Hodges.

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