The moon lingers low in the western night sky
A girl across the corner smokes and says goodbye

The bars have closed but it seems the party's just begun 
I read her my poems and show her my gun

Suppose for a moment the world is not real
Suppose I’m the one with the most sex appeal

Would you rip off my clothes and suck my dick dry?
Would you rip off my wings and expect me to fly?

A short skirt and no bra she grabs my attention
In heaven thoughts like these will get you detention

A tight ass and large tits all the guys look her way
But when she opens her mouth she's got nothing to say

I'm a multi-track person in a single-track world
The flag is drenched in blood by the time its unfurled

The earth keeps on turning and the fires keep on burning
As the moon fades from view I eat more than my serving

They spit on your grave in the name of their God
They chop down your oak tree that stood in the quad

She walks past me quickly without a second thought
As her batteries run dead its apparent she's a robot

I could not decide what should I do next?
Should I put in fresh batteries or peek up her dress?

"Batteries" was written May 26, 1996.
If you wish to use it, in part or in full, simply ask my permission.

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