she had my body for breakfast
she had my libido for lunch
she had my dick for dinner
but i didn't have a hunch
that she would leave so soon
that she could be so cold
i tried in vain to forget her
but i wanted too badly to hold
her tender body next to mine
she wrapped me with her ways
then brought me to my knees
now all i can do is curse this day
she had me fooled this whole time
but i projected the illusion that she was mine
i take the blame, it's not her fault
next time i'll take them with a grain of salt
and now she has yet another guy
she can cast her love spell on
i'll do my best to stay away
now i'm going going gone

the pain of the world has come down upon me
i lost my innocence in her female company
she took me so high but now i'm so low
it happened so fast, i had no way to know
that i would give my heart away
to the most beautiful woman in the world
everything about her was perfect and pure
her eyes were diamonds and her teeth were like pearls
i stay close to my pain and i cry all the time
but no tears fall from this stone cold face
my feelings are torn and my mind is confused
everything that i gave her is now just a waste
i will pray for the day that i may find a way
to get back to the place where i was
please hear what i say when i say stay away
stay far far away from false love

"Breakfast" was written on 10-16-1995.
This Poem is Copyright (C) 1996 by Donald B. Hodges.
If you wish to use it, in part or in full, simply ask my permission.

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