Difficult Questions for a Difficult Time


Why are we here?

Does history really repeat itself?

Why do we always have to be right?

What will future generations have to say about the early years of the 3rd millennium?

Who was the last great spiritual leader who promoted the use of violence?

Who was the last great political leader who promoted the use of nonviolence?

Why do I allow my T.V. to hypnotize me?

How can I become fearless?

What is the source of real personal power?

What is the difference, in terms of results, between war and terrorism? What are the root causes of each?

What is the best way to control people?

What is the best way to liberate people?

Who controls the U.S. media? Who should be in control of it?

Who is ultimately in power in a democracy? In a republic?

What is the relationship (if any) between religion and war?

How would the world be different if women were in charge instead of men?

Was the Invasion of Iraq illegal? If so, to what degree are the U.S. citizens responsible?

If another major terrorist attack occurs against the U.S., how will the world react to it? How will the U.S. react?

When will we get serious about alternative sources for energy?

Will there ever come a day when war is illegal? If yes, why can’t that day be today?

Why do so many people believe in religions which allow for the killing of people?

Will humans be responsible for making their own planet uninhabitable?

How can a country which is based upon freedom of speech get so upset when anti-war demonstrators speak their minds?

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