Final Words

"I'll see you all in Hell", those were his final words
Say this stops the killing, but nothing's more absurd
And He who has no sins is first to cast the stone
But Jesus was not there to hear the convict moan
The moaning turned to screams, as the time drew near
That this man might be innocent was my biggest fear
At the stroke of midnight the phone just did not ring
Why not make this public, and use a guillotine?
He's tied up in a gas chamber, and few are there to see
How ugly murder is, how brutal it can be
The convict died so slowly, five minutes seemed like hours
Feeling so responsible, i cried and left a flower
"If you commit murder - then you deserve to die"
Violence breeding violence - they scream "eye for an eye"
Jesus taught us to forgive, it seems that no one heard
"I'll see you all in Hell", those were his final words.

This Poem is Copyright (C) 1996 by Donald B. Hodges.
If you wish to use it, in part or in full, simply ask my permission.

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