Euphrates River Haiku (Illustrated)

Posted 2/19/2004

Euphrates River
Flowing for thousands of years
Not about to stop

Trees sway in the wind.
Hot desert breezes roll in.
Soldiers on alert

Criticism roars.
Everyone is an expert.
Surprised by attacks

Global goodwill gone
We're unsure what to do next.
Now we're on our own.

Dark fears reappear
The masses have been frightened
Blank check to wage war

Flags flown upside-down
A signal of dire distress
Governments hijacked

Terrorism boils
in an ugly stew of lies,
packed with gunpowder.

"Its success," they say.
Failure never admitted,
even when obvious.

Elections are rigged.
The lesser of two evils.
Is that your best choice?

Former aids speak out.
The criticism is harsh.
Slowly, truth leaks out.

Big Brother watches.
All citizens are suspects.
Smile! Your picture's cute.

The masses deceived
Power is concentrated.
Rich getting richer.

Solemn oaths are sworn:
Defend the Constitution.
His fingers are crossed.

TV images glowing
Control! We must have control.
Give me the remote.

Next, troop rotations
Their tour in Iraq is done.
Can't wait to come home

Terror alerts raised
Airplane passengers profiled
I'll look through your bags.

Nation's divided.
Then easily conquered
From within, with laws

Good-bye, Bill of Rights
Guantanamo awaits me.
Not charged with a crime.

True intentions masked
Never sure whom you can trust
Fear takes root slowly.

The rules keep changing.
The public is kept away.
America? Gone.

Economy slow
College tuition fees raised
Drowning in red ink

Rovers crawl on Mars
Looking for life or water
Unknown becomes known

We become children
Exploring alien worlds
Tire tracks in the sand

Go back to the moon
Grab rocks, bring back to Earth
We've been there, done that.

Car bomb blows in Iraq.
Rubble and bodies fly high.
The grim reaper laughs.

State of the Union
A tradition shamed with lies.
Deceptions run deep.

Paralyzed with fear
Enemies at every turn
Bomb factories grow.

Democrats debating
The rights and wrongs of the war
Shrub's Achilles' heel

Democracy lives!
Or are we fooling ourselves?
Highest bidder wins.

Banned weapons? None found.
It doesn't matter, they say.
Iraq was a threat?

The big lie won't die
Fed a steady stream of fear
Scared, we fight our selves.

Complex issues? No.
It's good versus evil now.
Which side are you on?

Who is in charge here?
Inmates run this asylum.
Extinction awaits.

More death in Iraq
Six Americans were killed.
Back-page news by now.

Suicide bombers
Blow themselves up to hurt us
Must be very mad

At home, life drags on.
TV off, computer on
Searching for the truth

No child left behind?
Education budget slashed.
Looked good on paper

The death toll rises.
Rationale for war questioned.
Do you feel a draft?

The boogeyman lurks.
His weapon is my own fear.
God's Love is my shield.

Love must be channeled.
Focused like a laser beam
And broadcast to all.

Time is running out.
Environment collapsing
Ozone hole expands.

Superbowl peep show
Ms. Jackson shows too much skin.
Bad publicity?

Heavy rain storms down.
Snow falls in local mountains.
Patterns of Nature

A call for answers
They're looking for a fall guy.
Failed Intelligence

Election draws near.
Politics as usual
Sold to highest bid

More car bombs explode.
Terror rears its ugly head.
Is there no defense?

They're suicidal.
Willing to die for their cause
No regard for life.

People kill people.
Why? Causes are overlooked.
Wars take their grim toll.

Intelligence cooked.
They went to war anyway.
Fear: it's all they have.

Next, a jail break.
The prisoners are set free.
Iraqi Freedom?

Posted 2/19/2004


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