A Poem For Joy

i took a glance behind
to see where i had been
i didn't want to find
a life filled with sin

i got down on my knees
and said a prayer to god
please end this sick disease
and do not spare the rod

but little did i know
about the pain i felt
i had to hurt to grow:
ice cream left out will melt

i say to the one who has fun with his gun:
be very careful where you point that thing
i dont want to know who spoiled your show
and be sure that your bird has its wings

see a bird with its wings is ready to fly
but gunpowder is so much louder
take care of your ears or you wont get to hear
and it wont make your mother much prouder

my mom always said 'you must make your bed'
but i never did; i was too lazy
my wife always said 'let me give you head'
and i always did; hell i'm not crazy!

i feel trapped in a world where sex is denied
for everyone who needs it to live well
i wont give away the last piece of my pride
and if i had half a chance i'd ring your bell

a man at my door disturbed me from sleep
and said that he was hungry and tired
i gave him some bread and water to keep
he said, 'thank you that's what i required'

my journey that day took me to a park
where some children were playing in sand
the sun soon went west and down drove the dark
the more i know the less i understand

they took me for granted and led me astray
i had to bust out of Hell no delay
they smashed all my hopes and kissed me goodbye
then i discovered they are all one big lie

all lies get found out, like it or not
while living in Hell life can get quite hot
the smart ones make friends with Satan himself
and keep all the good books high on the shelf

to maintain control they keep us afraid
then keep us waiting until we get paid
and fuck all of those who want to get laid
trust in yourself or you'll never get saved

"A Poem For Joy" was written on October 29-31, 1995.
This Poem is Copyright (C) 1996 by Donald B. Hodges.
If you wish to use it, in part or in full, simply ask my permission.

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