Man vs. Himself

The war has taken its toll on me, and its only been going on for about a day so far. I’m tired already of the TV’s incessant “coverage” of the war. On a large scale, the world is divided. Some countries support and some oppose the war. Within each country, the people are divided as well. Here in the United States, one of the main active players in the actual war, we are divided. Some people support and some people oppose the war.

Closer to home, the war is taking a toll on my personal relationships with my friends and my family. It is a terrible, disconcerting feeling for me to disagree with my own mother about something this important.

Closer to the soul, the war is bombing my heart and mind. I have to acknowledge the part of me that enjoys the war, the devil inside, the part that thinks that this may actually lead to some positive outcome. After all of the division that I see on the outside, it is this internal division which hurts the most.

I have since given up on trying to change anyone’s mind about this. Most of us have our minds made up, one way or the other. All the arguments in the world are probably not going to change the way anyone feels about this war.

I must resolve to myself to gather my strength, to acknowledge my own demons and demand them to get behind me. I must re-affirm to myself my own spiritual beliefs. I must remind myself that I am commanded to love everyone, including those who disagree with me, including myself, including my political “leaders”, and including my enemies, real and imagined. Divine Love is the most powerful force in the universe, more powerful than any army could ever be.

This is indeed a time of great crisis. Just as in the crises of times past, most notably 9/11/2001, this crisis is an opportunity.

I must take this opportunity to raise my consciousness. With higher consciousness, I will be able to overcome my fears, my tears, and my own personal demons. With higher consciousness, I will be able to unite myself in my convictions. With higher consciousness, I will find it a bit easier to love those whom I oppose, those whom I hate, and those whom I fear.



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