Maybe tomorrow I will feel worse, but today I feel...


Exactly 2 months ago, at the height of the war in Iraq, I sent the first of what would become a series of emails, titled ‘Maybe tomorrow I will feel better, but today I feel...

Those of you who read those emails or my web site know that I was, at that time, suffering greatly.

Today I feel better. I had been hoping that a cease-fire would be called in Iraq, but the recent vote in the U.N. to lift the crippling sanctions on Iraq, coupled with Mr. President’s Aircraft-Carrier “Top Gun” speech which declared victory without exactly declaring victory, have finally given me the ability to end my formal protest to the invasion of Iraq.

Today I feel better. A few days ago I started playing my favorite computer game again, which I had not played much during the heavy fighting in Iraq. Today I shaved off my beard, which I had worn as part of my ongoing protest. Most things are getting back to normal in my life, even though many difficult questions still linger and I will devote a future email to addressing some of them.

Today I feel better. I remain optimistic about the future of this planet, despite the problems our species has created on it. I believe that the world’s negativity, ‘evil’, Fear, war, terror, etc, can all be overcome. I believe that we are finally at a place in history where we can, as a species, use the universal Divine Love which we all posses and have access to, to conquer, once and for all, fear, ignorance, and violence.

Today I feel better. The invasion of Iraq gave me a real-shake up. Outgunned, I held to my personal truths and came out victorious. I vowed to use the crisis as an opportunity to raise my consciousness, and that is exactly what I did.

Today I feel better. Much work still needs to be done, for sure. In recent “Patriotic” legislation, there are serious threats to the rights and freedoms granted under the U.S. Constitution and its many amendments. Fear can be a powerful ally for anyone who yearns to be in control of others. We must allow NO ONE to frighten us into giving up the freedoms for which we claim to be fighting, and for which so many have died to protect.

Today I feel better. Together, we can work to overcome the ‘good conquers evil’ paradigm and replace it with ‘Love conquers fear’. Together, we can make this planet the peaceful paradise that it always could and should have been, and still can be.


Saturday, May 24, 2003

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