Questions written on a napkin while eating mushroom pizza

By Don Hodges

Freedom? Rights? Privileges?

Democracy? Republic? Monarchy? Anarchy?

Socialism? Fascism? Capitalism?

Buddhism? Humanism? Authoritarianism?

Conservative? Radical? Liberal?

Animal? Vegetable? Mineral?

Hypocrisy? Ignorance? Propaganda?

Trapped? Oppression? Employment?

Slavery? Torture? Irony?

Education? History? Corruption?

Hegemony? Double-standard? Empire?

Soldier? Terrorist? Pacifist?

Intolerance? Violence?

Prayer? Meditation? Suffering?

Truth? Love? Courage?

Fear? Anger? Army?

Weapon? Destruction? Murder?

Revenge? Retaliation? Diplomacy?

Communication? War? Peace?

Economy? Consciousness?

Judgment? Betrayal? Traitor?

Patriot? Chickenhawk? Deserter?

Ecosystem? Radioactive? Nuclear?

Global Warming? Extinction?

Reincarnation? Condemnation?

Original? Copycat? Rebellion?

Uprising? Zen? Defense?

Control? Border? Arbitrary?

Necessary? Prevention? Pollution?

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