Dear [insert the name of your favorite deity or symbol of universal consciousness here]

Please accept this prayer sincerely from the heart. Firstly, I beg forgiveness for my part in the recent invasion of Iraq. I have been told that the war has a net effect which is worth the cost, paid for with human life, human suffering, and money. Forgive me for believing otherwise. Please forgive the soldiers who are doing their sworn duty. Forgive the leaders who make difficult decisions on my behalf. Please grant your blessings upon all of the innocent souls of the thousands of people who are killed in this terrible conflict. Please grant me the strength that I will need to remain in a place of Love and Peace amid all of the rampant fear and war which seems to never end. Please grant me the ability to gain wisdom enough to know the difference between Love and fear. Please help me to bring Peace to a world which is in constant turmoil. Please continue to bless me with good health. Please bless my many friends and loving family who support me even though they may disagree with me from time to time. Bless my enemies in hope that they too may realize the futility of engaging in the cycle of violence. Bless all the people in this world who don’t get enough to eat and/or live in dire conditions.

Please let this war be the last one. Please let me learn from this war and take active steps to prevent any possible future recurrence of the horror that we call ‘war’. I know it won’t be easy, but with your help, all things are possible, even World Peace.


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