Rat Race

They felt the pressure building
inside their giant heads.

They ignored all the warnings
-all the writing on the wall.

They watched the tube they believed the hype
-the lies the propoganda.

They swam in the pool of ignorance
-washed up on the shore of denial.

They passed on their dysfunctions
to their children to their friends.

They drank poison by the gallon
-smoked anything that burned.

They ate anything that tasted good
-threw out all the rest.

They packed firearms in their pockets
-shot them just for fun.

They condemned anyone who disagreed
-jailed those they feared most.

They killed for revenge
-in the name of God.

For oil, for money,
for power and for land.

They couldn't see Christ's footprints
beside them in the sand.

They shot men up into space
-into orbit around the Earth.

They worshipped pagan idols
-felt no pain when giving birth.

They chopped down all the forests
-made pianos and baseball bats.

They destroyed the ozone layer
-got sunburned in seconds flat.

They exercised infrequently
-got fat, and lazy too.

They built castles out of sand
-mistook lies for what was true.

They burned gasoline to drive around
-to get from place to place.

They all ate cheese, well, after all
-they were only in a rat race.

"Rat Race" was written by Don Hodges on April 21, 1997.

(C)opyright 1997 by Don Hodges.

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