U.S. offers $25 million reward for Saddam

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Isn't it illegal to put a price on someone's head? (let alone the (disposed) leader of a country?)

To see the absurdity of it all, suppose that the roles were reversed. In other words, imagine if Iraq was offering a $25 Mil reward for the 'leader' of the U.S. What would the response be then?

What has the world come to? Are we so blinded by the fear in our eyes that we cannot see the situation for what it really is?

If you kill a random person, you will likely be caught, tried, and probably spend many years in prison.

If you kill a "special" person, and provide proof of your act, you will be rewarded with $25,000,000. And possibly hailed as a "hero".

Just drop the severed head outside a white house door, fill out the form, and the sickos inside will mail you a check 7-10 working days later, pending verification done by expensive DNA testing to make sure that that you got the right person. If you got the wrong person, then they may instead send someone to arrest you for killing a random person.

Judges? Juries? Courts? Laws? Who needs 'em? Who needs 'em when you can just make up the rules as you go along? Anyone who stands in the way will be killed. If not by them personally, then by their minions, hired and trained to kill. If not by a hired gun, then by a regular joe who could use the $25,000,000 to pay off his bills.


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