Serious Questions that Need Answers Now

By Don Hodges

The war in Iraq ... when will it be over?

Will victory be formally announced?

Will there be victory parades?

Will there be a memorial for the fallen soldiers?

Will there be a memorial for the civilian casualties?

Will reparations be made for the survivors who lost family members and/or were wounded?

Will there be a cleanup of the radioactive depleted uranium?

Will the U.S. maintain a military presence in Iraq? If so, for how long?

Will potential enemy states learn the lessons of this war? Will the U.S. learn anything from it?

Will this war help to prevent terrorism?

Will this war help to create an eternal peace?

Will this war make the world safer?

Will this war make the world more free?

Will this war increase global consciousness?

Will this war help the U.S. economy?

Will this war be the last one? If not, why? And when will we learn as a species to stop destroying each other?

When will we learn that we are all part of ONE life?

How much longer will we allow ourselves to live in fear?

How much longer will human beings kill other human beings?

When will we show love and respect for all people and all religions in the world?

When will we realize that we all live on the same planet which is in great peril and needs great healing?

When will we abolish violence as a means to and end?

When will we discover who we really are?

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