Stay Alive

wondering where the day went, you fall asleep to nice music.
taking a piss in a river of dust, we feel aware of ourselves.
a quintessential discovery of joy, they value money much less.
several hours later, the final problem of existence is born.

for many a traveler, the time spent alone is the most precious.
taking food and water with him, they journeyman has his needs.
clinging to right and wrong, I wonder about the meaning of it all.
a special person may give you pleasure, but why do you enjoy it?

a sip of beer and a drag of smoke, he delays the inevitable pain.
meaninglessness all around, he finds consolation in being numb.
a new day and a new feeling of power, I take notes to pass time.
bringing life and death, you create the universe as you void it.

seeking a new skill may take all of your time, do not despair
head to the highest point and you may pass those on their way down
love and devotion to ideals shall unleash power you always possessed
fear and abandonment are countered in new and exciting processes

no one knows where the exploration will take us, maybe to the moon
a smart man knows not to expect much from others lest he fail himself
the woman in pain is one not to be avoided for she can teach us much
make sure that your ears are directed at the wisdom uttered from her

a future without a past, the present keeps knocking on my door
a flying monkey greets me with a smile and continues on his way
my theory of life has been modified to an unrecognizable pulp
where oh where has my idealistic virtue taken its vacation?

Sometime after this life, I want to join with my creator for a chat
See if you can guess what kinds of question I will throw his way
A lollipop for your thoughts and a toilet for your insecurities
These new friends of yours will corrupt you if you're not careful

seeing through the illusion is a trick we want to learn quickly
impatience sets in and fills our eyes with anger and despair
a settling feeling of spirituality may overcome our anxiety
perhaps we need a new token for our bus ride up to heaven

Love for sale, a silly little hint of life's cruelty and pain
Death for free, a morbid fact of the process of nature's way
you cannot have either unless you yourself become an angel
but taking neither will require to you abandon everything else

Slickly running downstream, we cannot see behind us very far
Looking 'round the bend, we see a dangerous stretch ahead
A hurried review of options leads to the inevitable conclusion
Sink or swim, Sink or swim, all that we can do is Sink or swim

Suddenly I glance around and find that I am no longer alone
A billion faces smile at me simultaneously and clouds part
The heavens open up and swallow all evil in the brooding sky
I ask to be forgiven while my wings are melting from the heat

Peaceful and uncompromising, they retreat into the mountain
A sewer and a frog greet them on their way, but no one cares
Sharp thorns hinder my way as I run away from myself in fear
Young rocks on the ground frown at the feet that walk on them

A nasty piece of advice is waiting for you in the garden
Come clean to the party or else you may find no one to talk to
Try to complete your goals in a fashion which harms nothing
Leave a finger in your ass for good measure and wash it later

Perhaps we need a new vision overhead, something clear and still
May the universe grin upon our accomplishments and creations
Beating back the flames of boredom we gorge upon the turkeys
UFO begone! I don't want your random icepicks in my brain

A fiddle, a faddle, my fortune lies inside a Chinese cookie
Understanding the foolishness will not increase my knowledge
Forever we philosophize about the true intent of the creator
Sadly, the undertaker continues his job in quiet meditation

Neither Jesus nor the AntiChrist are laughing at the joke
Just as the symphony ends, the audience rises and cries fowl
Much remains to be learned by those who think they know it all
Much remains to be taught by those who think they know nothing

A superior idea may suddenly materialize inside your hollow head
Be sure to recognize the importance of the moment in which you live
An eye which remains open shall see the secrets of the universe
The lesson for today will not end just because the sun goes down

We separate reality in order to conquer it quickly and completely
Waves crash on the shore without knowing anything about the moon
I find an inconsistency within my abilities and wonder at the stars
Millennia will come and go, but your soul will remain unscarred

Hydrogen and Helium burn hot in the Sun's never-ending furnace
I awaken to a cold morning devoid of another human's love
A nice warm shower maintains my peace of mind for yet another day
Old clothing and new razors await my skin, yet I resist both

A rumble in the stomach signals trouble in the body's mind
Time and time again we search for the meaning of existence
Simplicity and discovery shower us with their possibilities
Sooner or later we will need a novelty to break the monotony

The beginning of the end is never far away from my line of sight
In vain I try to grab hold of something so that I don't sink
Children running in a quiet park signal the nature of their cares
Hiding behind my ego I pretend that I know who I really am

Something grabbed hold of my intuition and led me back to the start
Ready for the crash, we sit happily while the intruders wreak havoc
A seemingly harmless fly may land on your arm while you watch tennis
Bring me my wine and you shall soon be rewarded with a shiny penny

Sinister plans await your arrival in the future yet you don't sweat
Laughing from his throne, God throws another lightning bolt my way
We peer into the crystal ball and expect to see something unusual
Just in time for dinner is a new way to experience food and drink

Save your silly concerns for someone who really needs them today
A bumble and a mumble, gravy stains my otherwise unblemished suit
A honeybee flies from flower to flower but never stings them, why?
You want to be a jack of all trades but you never shuffled the deck

At the job fair with my goatee, I pretends I knows everything
I systematically destroy everything that might get in my way
We wonder why does the world have such a cold attitude this time?
Some jive and a blowjob host the quiet dinner at the round table

They put sugar in your toothpaste and some morphine in your coffee
A simple question with a complex answer does not go down smoothly
Present them with a good idea and all you get is mud in your face
They want to give you a temporary solution to a never-ending problem

I'm ready for the world, but the world may not be so ready for me
I can see struggles on the horizon but still I retain my dignity
In the infinite multiverse I broadcast my love for freedom and joy
The closed minded hatemongers continue to spread fear and oppression

They tell you what  to do   what  to wear  what  to say   and what  to think
They tell you what  to hear what  to watch what  to eat   and what  to drink
They tell you when  to shit when  to wake  when  to laugh and when  to blink
They tell you where to go   where to stay  where to swim  and where to sink

They're zombies wearing ties and they live their lives unconsciously
They'll shackle you with chains while they tell you that you're free
The controversy surrounding their actions sadly never goes to trial
They tell you that they want an inch but they take more than a mile

The impending and unavoidable crash draws nearer every day
In spite of the knowledge we return to our roles in the play
I turn up the volume louder and louder so that I might forget
Caught up in my destructive lifestyle I pause for some regret

Heading for the finish line we run right into a brick wall
The sad truth is that we set ourselves up for the fall
Suddenly the pipe bomb blasts and then it starts to rain
Sifting through the rubble they find a piece of my brain

We long for some companionship and yet we cannot find a drop
Yet soon We'll have the power to bring the world to a full stop
We'll stop the world and then release it into a brand new orbit
We'll suck your tit rub your clit and put a dick into your pit

A spaceship awaits your command my friend, why do you wait so long?
Set the heading, engage the engines, and warp into a brand new song
I'll keep it coming so long as you keep listening and wanting more and more
Sit back relax and enjoy the words they're louder than a lions roar

A new set of values will permeate the youth as easily as an apple pie
We'll transform the world into a peaceful garden and never even ask why
We'll single out the greedy people and teach them a better way to work
I don't point fingers except at myself I know that I'm the biggest jerk

I'm a phony and a fraud and I play my part with a smile and a laugh
Bring me my towel and run the water cuz I'm ready to take a bath
Turn left, turn right, but please don't follow me down my own path
We can easily feed all the world's people if we could only do the math

Another day, another wasted chance to change the world
A simple way, an ordinary bird and a small furry squirrel
I crave the taste of success in my otherwise empty mouth
Autumn turns to winter and a flock of birds fly south

My mind is spinning like a gyroscope
I may lose my cool but I keep my hope
Have faith in God but not in the Pope
Untie the knots that strangle your rope

Fight the power at every step and you may find your dharma
We want to know a better way to prevent all this bad karma
Flip the coin, spin the ball and keep your conscious clean
We always want to visualize all the sights unseen

I run away to find myself in a never-ending swirl
Now wisdom of this kind is surely not a pearl
Take flight into the hills when the flood arrives
Stay alive, stay alive, we choose to stay alive

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