Another day of boredom I don't know what to do
My career as a student has become stuck in glue

I'm learning pointless facts it ain't my fucking style
Everything that I know only amounts into a pile
of shit for you to step in when you come my way
If you see me playing you'd better stop and pray
to God that I don't try to get one step ahead
of you. Please pass the catsup I want to go to bed

Taking care of business is my order of the day
But making sure that we're all happy will not get me laid

Meanwhile back in class the bullshit never stops
The information in my brain slowly starts to rot

The women in my path won't have a thing to do with me
They go to sleep alone and pretend that they are happy

To me there's nothing sicker than a world full of hate
Maybe God will turn His cheek when Satan beats His face

I'll take a drug right now and hope to make it go away
A nothing creeps into my mind with nothing more to say

This poem was written by Don Hodges on Nov. 7, 1994.

This Poem is Copyright (C) 1996 by Donald B. Hodges.
If you wish to use it, in part or in full, simply ask my permission.

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