A Technical Question

Bush installs a pirated copy of SimWorldLeader 1.0 on his computer.

Then he tries to install IraqiDemocracy 1.0.

The program refuses to install, saying that the current installation of IraqiDictator 8.0 must be uninstalled first.

Bush tries to uninstall IraqiDictator but that doesn't work, it says, because the program in currently running.

Bush installs the expansion pack for his program, Military 12.0, but when he runs it, it complains that there aren't enough resources to run at highest speed.

So Bush presses CTRL-ALT-DEL shuts down the programs called K-12Education 3.0, VeteranBenefits 1.08, SocialSecurity 4.0, and bunch of other programs that he thinks aren't really necessary.

Then he copies Military 12.0 into the /PersianGulf subdirectory.

At this point a window pops up and says that there is a critical update for the UnitedNations 5.0 program.

He closes it but it keeps popping up again and again.

So he right-clicks on the UnitedNations icon in the system tray and selects Disable.

Then he opens up a command prompt and types:

"format c:\Iraq -Military.exe +cruisemissiles +stealthbombers -nociviliancasualties /quick"

What response does he get?

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