The war continues. You wouldn’t know it, probably, if you weren’t paying pretty close attention to the situation. We may remember the ‘good old days’ of the war when we got TV without commercials. An un-interrupted stream of war, shot straight to our minds. Endless images and slogans were cheered at all hours of the day and night. But then something happened. The commercials came back. Then, slowly, the “regular” schedule of news + entertainment (and commercials) returned. But the war isn’t over yet. Sure, the major “fighting” is over, but a ceasefire has not yet been called. People are dying. American soldiers. Iraqi soldiers. Iraqi civilians, women and children. They are dying. But this is not to be shown on the “news.”

One can presume that the war in (invasion of) Iraq will be over soon. One may hope that at that point, the U.S. military will withdraw from the country, its previous dictator (regime) having been removed, and a better system left in its place. One may hope that the United States military won’t be needed for another “job” like this.

One may hope that the world learns the lessons that this war might teach us.

One may hope that the path of peace never gets abandoned again.

One may hope that WMD are never, ever, used.

One may hope that the jinni of war, having been granted his 3 wishes, is put back into his bottle, never to emerge again.

One may hope that a new renaissance of Love sweeps across the planet, allowing all people to live their lives free from fear.

One may hope that a genuine spiritual teacher will emerge, and remind humanity of all of the teachings which have been forgotten or tossed overboard.

One may hope that genuine forgiveness is possible.

One may hope that the truth can still be told.

One may hope that the planet remains habitable long enough for us to figure out how to fix the damage we have caused to its ecosystem.

One may hope that Love will conquer fear.


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