The Gulf

Oil wells blaze fire, its Hell in an Eastern land
An oil soaked seagull struggles on desert sand
The strongest Desert Storm couldn't douse the flames
They turned their bloody war into a damn video game

Scratches on my CD's, what a fucking chore
Take me to your leader, there's oil on the shore
We shouldn't have to worry about that anymore
Government and oil, the client and the whore

Fear of communism kept the cold war hot
What about the nukebombs? We watch them rust and rot
See we have no ememies, we deal with our fears
We're coming to a climax: the year two thousand nears.

The vehicle called war is such a shame to know
A dumb kid with a smart bomb makes a good TV show
He didn't see it coming. It hit him right between his eyes
No time to pray to God or to kiss his ass goodbye.

We're all here together, we share the habitat
No such thing as ownership, I think I smell a rat
Exhausting all the resources, faster all the time
In the name of progress, nothing's called a crime

The question of authority has an evil grin
Place blind faith in leaders, their life is free from sin - right?

"The Gulf" was written circa February 1992.
This Poem is Copyright (C) 1996 by Donald B. Hodges.
If you wish to use it, in part or in full, simply email me to ask my permission.

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