Thoughts on recent events, for the record.

I am opposed to violence. I am opposed to the ongoing use of violence by people of this planet against other people of this planet.

To attain any lasting and significant peace, the violence must end immediately. The continuation of death and destruction serves only those who live their lives in fear, people who may as well be dead already, people who believe that every act of violence against them demands a voilent response in return. The cycle of voilence continues, and no one is any safer as a result. The military's strategy of dropping bombs on foreign countries is effective if their goal is simply to kill people and destroy their buildings.

In order to fully achieve the solution to any problem, one has to ask what is the root of the problem. Only by discovering the root of the problem can the solution be found. I believe that the problem of violence is rooted in fear. The antidote to fear is love, therefore the answer to the problem of violence is love.

I am opposed to this war, in all of its current manifestations. I abhore the recent acts of violence that have killed thousands of innocent people, regardless of nationality. Make no mistake:  "war" is voilence just as much as "terrorism". Its easy to get hypnotized by words. Its easy to believe that your side is right and the other side is wrong, but when violence exists, especially violence that is planned in advance, neither side is right.

by Don Hodges / 04 December 2001

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