Emancipation Proclomation
Independence Declaration

plan modification
thrust accelleration
poor oxygenation
freedom limitation
deathmarch compilation
war brutalization
nuclear radiation
speeding up mutation
lonely isolation
concert cancellation
More De forest station
the next generation
A false declaration
Miss Interpretation
Sexual Deprivation
Over Population
more third world Starvation
Drug Legalization
jungle exploration
newton gravitation
weedy vegetation
World conservation
greedy calculation
lightning computation
college education
AIDS misinformation
computer animation
Race Elimination
Polluting corporation
metro subway station
Rampant occilation
Erotic simulation
Brain Sex stimulation
Quiet meditation
Silent Indication
past due resignation
Skittle combination
Tobacco regulation
Tax investigation
sleazy reputation
danger oxidation
Untrue information
Mind manipulation
demon demonstration
REligious separation
System restoration
self realization
insane situation
Indian exploitation
avoid observation
Bullshit occupation
Solar occultatoin
Starbound constellation
soul purification
virgin fornication
vaginal penetration
bodily sensation
Furious frustration
curious creation
strange civilization
sex as recreation
no more breast inflation
Dis Association
brainwashed population
chronic masturbation
cum ejaculation
No more relaxation
Family vacation
bloody red menstration
no exaggeration
slope extrapolation
bongload inhalation
life mechanization
False representation
charming abberation
potsmoking elation
traffic violation
bullshit fine citation
raging aggravation
past due registration
Astro Navigation
hu mid i fi ca tion
i de al i za tion
Strong imagination
solving the equation
War mobilization
world mortification
lacking motivation
public comdemnation
surefire Condom Nation
hard denunciation
face humiliation
holy desecration
slow pronunciation
Foolish Nomination
What a dull narration!
Desert Operation
med i cal i za tion
Death eradication
unknown destination
Sperm neutralization
mod u lar i za tion
Late notification
faked investigation
wicked comptemplation
ant magnification
Nat ur al i za tion
Negro segregation
wild hallucination
pupil eye dilation
heavenly rotation
peacetime mediation
Ceaser's last oration
diet supplication
slowing respiration
smelly persperation
legal immigration
law implementation
Drugged Administration
concealed importation
ballsack amputation
thoughtless impregnation
toxchem derivation
spacetime integration
brainwave activation
surprise complication
dance step innovation
hard disk fragmentation
love is validation
hemmroid inflamation
party invitation
maximized duration
crack intimidation

unfair distribution
fry electrocution
murder execution
Atomic retribution
Transvestite prostitution
Acid Bass solution
Worldwide pollution
Gender substitution
Techno revolution
ignored constitution
Power distribution
science evolution

Government corruption
unwarranted assumption
Bubblebut obsruction

Natural selection
Ballot box election
HIV infection
growth hormone injection
make a love connection
Time for introspection
Hold my proud erection
stroke in your direction
movie mind projection
guns are not protection
the sweetest perfection
firing line correction

360 perception
UFO deception
Sperm and egg conception
chemical ingestion
acid indigestion
Divine Intervention
pregnancy prevention
Water pipe invention
Very short attention
Sleazy smut intention

History is fiction
blatant contradiction
Televised addiction
End Hemp prohibition
funny supposition
Business competition
Worthless definition
Drug induced transition
Serious Condition
party opposition
outrageous tuition
deadly ammunition
Toxic Chem nutrition
unkown composition
naked exposition
Chancy proposition
danger intuition
boring repition

countdown to extinction

Bloody red Abortion
Mafia Extortion

complicated fraction
simple interaction
Tasty satisfaction
opposite attraction
Multiple distraction
ideal abstraction

feelings and emotion
Songs of faith devotion
drinking Magic potion
Body fluid Lotion
giving me the Notion
runway locomotion
fluid low commotion

There's no easy Option
Babies for adoption
Lacking in our caution

shit reeking excretion
More Ozone depletion

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