two thousand

The challenge to insurgents was, “Bring ‘em on!”
Now, this war is taking much longer than predicted.

Some knew that this would not be a cakewalk.
The mission morphed into a never-ending quagmire.

The death is kept hidden from the daily news.
The names are buried on the back pages.

Our leader only leads us deeper into his hole.
He promises peace while he wages his war.

A grim statistic appears as a sadistic reminder:
Two thousand flag-draped coffins
have come home from the sands of Iraq.

Two thousand of our bravest have died for this lie.
Yet we all continue to allow it. Why?

Our ass is getting kicked and we don’t even know it.
B2 bombers are useless; our soldiers pay the price.

Those who seek to control us spew their fear,
and fear is what keeps the war machine going.

The war is a blatantly illegal act of aggression.
It is a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution:
War can only be declared by 2/3 of the Congress,
not by one man holed up in the white house.

We must come together, stand up, and resist.
This war will end, but only when we demand it.

Unplug your TV; it only promotes inaction.
Get off your ass and take to the streets.

Speak out, go on strike, vote, do whatever it takes
to end this illegal, immoral, and unjust war.

Act now, before another brave American dies
for another one of our Fuehrer’s lies.

Posted 10/25/2005


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