If you're against prostitution then don't go see a whore
If you're against abortion then you'd better think before
you get pregnant with a kid who'll turn out to be a chore
If you don't like cocaine then don't go snorting lines of it
If you don't like psychedelics don't take LSD hits
If you don't like alcohol you'd better not have a drink
If you don't like tobacco then we know you'll never stink
of stale cigarettes or have bad breath all day and night
If you don't like the truth then we know you'll never be right
If you don't like pot then don't roll or smoke or smell a joint
If you don't take psilocybin you'll never get the point
If you don't believe in God then stay away from churches
If you don't work for DEA you'll never do searches
of people's homes, men's assholes, or women's private purses
If you don't like to gamble then you'll never toss the dice
Don't believe in reincarnation -- you'll never live twice
If you aren't homosexual then stay within your bounds
If you're against polygamy then only take one spouse
If you aren't a transvestite then don't put on the wrong clothes
If you don't like makeup you'll never powder your own nose
If you're against suicide then don't try to take your life
If you don't like oral sex then don't do a sixty-nine 
If you don't like pornography then never buy Playboy 
If you don't like nudity then you'll never have the joy 
of seeing the statue David and his little male toy
If you don't wear a safety helmet then you'll take a chance
If you don't wear your seatbelt you'd best do a safety dance
If you're against communism then don't read Karl Marx
If you don't like funny noises then try hard not to fart
If you don't want to burn the flag then don't play with fire
If you're afraid of heights then don't walk the high wire
If you don't like caffiene then don't drink any coffee
If you don't like heroin then we know you'll never be
tempted to go around town sticking needles in your arm
If you don't like my animals stay the hell off my farm
If you don't like anal sex don't put your dick in an ass
If you don't want to be educated stay out of class

This idea is so simple it's called live and let live
But politicians never listen their heads are just like sieves
Prohibition will cause more pain than it could ever cure
The holy men with billy clubs will claim that they are pure
George Washington would be in jail now if he was alive
His farm grew fields of marijuana and that ain't no jive
They waste our money chasing someone who does nothing wrong
Then use his head for a deadly friendly game of ping pong
You'll go to jail for nothing more than trying to have fun
Suckin' dick having anal sex until your time is done
The laws are randomly enforced so they have no effect
On people who break them until they become the suspects
Our freedoms have been stolen by Big Brother from above
They have neglected to read what Jesus said about love
The role of the police is protecting me from others
Now I worry about being beat up by Big Brother
It's my job to protect me from myself -- thank you very much
We ought to use the system that is practiced by the Dutch
We lock up more and more we bulid more prisons by the score
Even then it will still just be a big revolving door
I have no patience for assholes who think that I'm all wrong
I wish that I didn't have to compose this fucking song
It's true my life is dangerous but I don't bother you
It ain't nobodys business what flowers my garden grew
Take the log out of your own eye before you try to see
Then you'll view a country that's teeming with hypocricy
Real crimes must have innocent victims to be called real crimes
A good friend of mine grew some grass and now he's doing time
We live in Nazi Germany in case you didn't know
The SS run the country with help from the Gestapo
We're frogs in pans of water and they're turning up the heat
Next year it will be illegal to listen to a beat
that hasn't yet been proven safe for everyone to hear
But I'd much rather go stone deaf than watch them spread their fear
of people who are different who like to try new things
Over the horizon I see Satan spread his wings.

This Poem is Copyright (C) 1996 by Donald B. Hodges.
If you wish to use it, in part or in full, simply ask my permission.

"Wings" was inspired by a book by Peter McWilliams titled Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do.
It can be found on the Web at

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