Supernova SN 2024ggi
and its progenitor
 in NGC 3621


To date, it is the brightest supernova of 2024.



The supernova was discovered by ATLAS on 11 April 2024.

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The candidate progenitor of SN 2024ggi can be found in the Hubble Picture of the week posted on 14 October 2013.

Note:  In this image, north is 69.0 right of vertical.


SN 2024ggi progenitor


The red star in the center [the candidate progenitor] has previously been cataloged by the VISTA Hemisphere Survey as VHS J111822.09-325015.2

It was also cataloged in the Hubble Source Catalog for NGC 3621 as
 MatchID 140066549 with coordinates RA 169.59202035259474 , DEC -32.83757282765759

Compare with the published coordinates of SN 2024ggi : RA 169.592030529 , DEC -32.8375756395

The difference is RA 0.00001017640526 , DEC 0.00000281184241 , which is about .038 seconds of arc.


Another view of the candidate progenitor dated 2003-02-03.  Note, in this view, North is up.

This screenshot comes from the Hubble Legacy Archive from this URL.

SN 2024ggi progenitor


Another view of the candidate progenitor dated 1994-12-27.  Note: In this screenshot, North is up.

This screenshot comes from the Hubble Legacy Archive from this URL.  Note:  In the archive image, South is up.

SN 2024 progenitor



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Further reading:

The Red Supergiant Progenitor of Type II Supernova 2024ggi by Danfeng Xiang et al., 14 May 2024

Early phase simultaneous multi-band observations of Type II supernova SN 2024ggi with Mephisto by Xinlei Chena et al., 13 May 2024

Early flash-ionization lines in SN 2024ggi revealed by high-resolution spectroscopy by Thallis Pessi et al., 3 May 2024.

SN 2024ggi in NGC 3621: Rising Ionization in a Nearby, CSM-Interacting Type II Supernova by Wynn Jacobson-Galan et al., 29 April 2024.

  The direct identification of core-collapse supernova progenitors by Schuyler D. Van Dyk , 18 September 2017.



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