Leave it to Bush

Leave it to Bush to take the world's strongest military and get stuck in the tarbaby of Iraq, where US Soldiers have been dying steadily for 2 years at the rate of an average of over 2 each and every day, while Iraqis have suffered fatalities at 10 to 100 times that rate. NO WMD WERE EVER FOUND, even if they were the war was still illegal, violating the UN Charter, also the US Congress failed to formally declare war as specified in the US Constitution, where a 2/3 majority vote is required, instead they let GWB alone decide whether or not Iraq is 'perceived' as a threat and give him 'war powers' and a blank check to pay for it.

Leave it to Bush to offer no tangible exit strategy, instead he offers nebulous visions of a 'secure' and 'democratic' Iraq that 'is at peace with its neighbors'. Guess what ... this will take many years, if it is possible at all, which it might not be.

Security? In Iraq? The war in Iraq is just beginning.

All you Bushlovers should run down to your local recruitment center and sign up, and ask to be sent to Iraq. What's that? You say we already have an all volunteer army? So you support the war, as long as YOU don't have to fight it. Figures, for cowards like you who send young men and women to die in the sands of Iraq hunting for phantom WMDs and now sticking around until they can create an improbable "security" that will never be achieved until after the invaders are withdrawn.



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